1st draft (wip) Low-poly vr racer - starting gate concept

Start Gate concept for a . Used both procedural and direct modeling techniques.
- collected a few dozen references
- did 38 sketches in concepting round1, selected several and did more concepts round2
- selected 1 each from front, side and top and created vectors in Gravit .svg and Inkscape .eps which I needed for Houdini import.
- in houdini created a boolean box from front and side extrusions. didnt use top in the end.
- once the basic shaper where working procedurally, used the resulting cut lines for further direct modeling to carve out the shape from the boolean block of awesomeness
- the icing on the cake was using bavel and applying a coloured material to it to create the classic tron-outline look.

Empowering arts 33 blur concept startgate front pincers
Empowering arts 33 blur concept startgate side pincers
Empowering arts 30 blur concept startgate
Empowering arts capture
Empowering arts startgate vector start3 views
Empowering arts concept start gate linework 1898x1488
Empowering arts p1040063 frontside 1080p2